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Stellar Women is an award program organized by The Daily Star and bti to recognize emerging and promising women who have notably contributing to society and nation-building. This award aims to furnish a platform for women who are relatively less known but have a part to provide to society and the country in the ensuing days, which would be considered to create the uniqueness of the program. Each woman entrepreneur and/or employee from various sectors will be awarded every month from 12 different categories throughout the year.


Start up and Entrepreneur

Honouring and recognizing the achievements of the individuals who are playing a vital role in shaping up the entrepreneurial atmosphere of our country.


Honouring women who have made remarkable contributions to the development and reinforcement of women participation in sports.


Honouring women with notable contributions towards the agricultural Industry.


Honouring people who execute impactful projects towards a wide range of literacy and education.

Social Welfare

Honouring the last-mile champions including frontline workers, youth leaders, and changemakers for their outstanding efforts in ensuring social welfare by taking outstanding measures.


Honouring the dancers (for the year 2023) who are contributing immensely to the cultural scene of the country.


Honouring women from across the technology space striving to uplift the tech sector In local, and abroad.


Honouring unsung architects who plans, designs and encourages designers with the distinctiveness and uniqueness of their projects.


Honouring the authors to give them the spotlight for uplifting the literature scene by writing novels, poems, articles, drama and other creative work.


Honouring the empowering journalists who are portraying stories to create a powerful impact.

Development Sector

Honouring professionals that work in NGO, INGO or donor agency and has a positive impact on society for her work.


Honouring women with outstanding achievements, displaying outstanding work in the ever-expansive business industry.


  • 1. Any emerging and impactful woman, except the employees of both bti & The Daily Star, who holds Bangladesh nationality and has been doing something significant that has impacted other lives, will be eligible for submission.
  • 2. The Daily Star holds the right to cross check & verify in any point of the program to ensure credibility of the submission.
  • 3. There is no registration fee.
  • 4. Once you submit your nominations, they cannot be edited. If you need to correct something crucial, you can resubmit your application before deadline.
For any queries contact, 01322890097 or e-mail us at:
[bti & The Daily Star reserves all the rights to forfeit “Stellar Women Awards” at any point in time without prior notice or announcement.]

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